About Turkey Lake LLC

Mississippi Hunt Land for SaleI have been hunting, fishing and spending time in the outdoors as long as I can remember. Some people enjoy playing golf or watching football, but I have never enjoyed chasing a ball around, sitting in the bleachers or standing on the side lines. I instead enjoy chasing turkeys in the spring, waiting for the big one to walk out, or hoping the fish are biting. I have had blessing of hunting and fishing all over and have taken some really nice animals. In my life I have taken more deer, turkeys, and ducks than I can count, but all in all it’s not the size antlers, the length of the turkey beard or how many we got, it’s about the memories made with family and friends and all the times to come. All my best memories are of hunting fishing and times spent at deer camps with family and friends. I am fortunate enough to be able do what I love and help people find a place to do the same. If you too enjoy the outdoors and are looking to have a place to share and create memories with friends and family, give me a Call (601) 573-4100.