Raymond, MS

430 Acres

I have been blessed with the opportunity to hunt a lot of places in my life, but this is one of my favorites. It is surrounded by history being just minutes from Raymond. Has great deer and turkey and a few places to fish. There is black top all the way up to the place, just a few minutes from downtown Raymond.

This place was once part of a huge cattle ranch, but those days are over and what is left is a turkey and deer haven. It’s made up of hard woods, planted pines and open ground. The former time as a cattle ranch has left it with several ponds, a pole barn, an old catch pin, and several huge oak trees in the middle of fields.

When the wind is right, the grown up places between the fields and woods are the places to be just before dark. Deer pour into these spots before dark to bed up. Most of the ponds have pretty good fishing and are all great watering holes in early bow season. The huge oak trees are one of my favorite things about the place. They make great places during the spring to call a turkey up to and a great place to deer hunt from. Looking at them, you know each one has seen so much. I look at them and imagine deer laying under them on rainy days, turkeys roosting in them, and raccoons making home of one. I wonder how many men, mules, cows, turkey, and deer have been under them?
The old pole barn has definitely got some stories to tell as well. It’shad several bales of hay and cattle under it in its day. On rainy days it is my favorite place to hunt. It has a small pond within bow range with oak trees all around it just pouring down acorns. You can see all of the first field, down to the creek, and into the woods from here. Deer come out from all different directions and cross paths here. Most of them end up going back to the planted pines and bedding down in the thick stuff, late evening.

The old catch pin is a great place too. It has several fenced off sections in it. One of these section is a old feed lot I call “the deer trap”. It can’t be any bigger than 110’x110′. There on the edges it is surrounded by oak trees that pour down acorns. Deer jump over a broken top strand of bob wire and feed. I’m sure they could jump it any place they pleased, the gate to it is even open but it’s always this one place in, one place out. This little spot fills up with deer and you’re sitting there watching them in a tiny space, where cattle use to be branded and loaded up for the sale barn. It almost feels like cheating, it’s like your watching a bunch of pet deer in a pen.

During the spring the open ground makes a great place for turkeys to strut. When they get out in the open they know they have an upper leg on you. But that’s where the fun starts, trying to out smart an old Tom. A few times a year you do and it makes waking up at 4 all those mornings worth it.

I could go on and on about this place, there is a power line that runs though it where you can see deer cross all day. The gas line that cuts through fills up with deer in the evenings. There are several stand throughout the place and you would be hard pressed to pick a bad one. If you’re interested in seeing it or want more info call me (601)573-4100.